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The Ten Best Home Improvement Projects

January 18, 2013

home improvementThere are two categories that home improvement projects fall into: either you’re making some renovations for your own immediate and foreseeable enjoyment, or you’re thinking of additions or upgrades that will only help to improve the market value of your property when it comes time to sell. Often there will be overlap, but it’s definitely all for the good!

You’ve got the urge to revamp your living space. You also know that prospective buyers want more value for their money, and appreciate a house that’s ready for occupancy without a need for further renovations. Whatever is driving your desire to renovate, stop and think about what kinds of expertly-handled home improvement projects in particular would be most beneficial, both now and down the road. Here are ten popular choices to consider:

Home Improvement Projects that Work Both Ways

1.      Rekindle a love of the kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen should be one of the top considerations on your home improvement list. You’re probably tired of looking at outdated countertops and dealing with minimal cupboard space. A great new kitchen is often the deal clincher for prospective home buyers.

2.      Envision the entertainment

Many people dream of having their very own home theater or games room. Most likely your home’s existing rooms don’t lend themselves well to the specialized requirements of a truly deluxe entertainment space the whole family can enjoy, where surround sound makes a debut. Plus, what potential home buyer’s eyes wouldn’t pop when they see an attraction like that on the list of amenities?

3.      Build a perfect porch

Roomy front porches and verandas are definitely making a comeback, a welcome nod to days gone by, but with some great modern design twists. Your home improvement specialists will have it covered when it comes to maximizing shade and matching the design to the architecture of your home. Add some beautiful benches and a traditional porch swing, and the only thing missing is the ice cold lemonade.

4.      Deck the walls and widen windows

Gorgeously embellish room after room with fabulous new molding and trim. You’ll be surprised at the touch of elegance and refinement these traditional accents can make. While you’re at it, pull it all together with custom created window valances in styles that match or complement the room’s new trim.

5.      Start fresh with staircases

Inside and out, brand new staircases provide an opportunity to introduce some real style and drama to your home. Imagine the amazing atmosphere created by including sunken lights along the undersides of the individual steps, or along staircase sides beneath the handrails of beautiful burnished wood.

Home Improvement: It’s All about You and Resale, Too

6.      Great for guests  

home improvementConsider the appeal of a gorgeous new guest room, complete with its own luxurious en suite. Provide comfort and privacy to pamper your visitors, or consider the rewards of offering some B&B style respite to select company. Pull out all the stops and have your home improvement contractor add a compact kitchen with high-end amenities. Always a super selling point as an in-law suite to attract home buyers when the time is right.

7.      An enthralling entranceway

Create an entranceway worthy of royalty. An original feature wall of wood veneer marquetry will garner gasps from any guest. So will gleaming polished tiles and the luster of gorgeous glass brickwork under your new vaulted ceiling. Distinctive and decorative doors will add an even bigger wow factor.

8.      Bathing beauty

When home hunting, the number of bathrooms is always high on the checklist. In the meantime, make your own life more luxurious with deluxe bathroom remodeling and all the advantages and allure of a personal spa. Soak it up!

9.      Storage galore

As unexciting as it may sound, you know deep down that you can never have enough storage space. On a purely practical front, adding built-in cabinets and walk-in closets will make your life easier and could easily spike the value of your home.

10.  Deal a deck

Why put off on maximizing your useable outdoor space any longer? A spacious roof deck with the added advantage of a retractable cover is perfect for parties and family gatherings any time of day or evening. A breezy setting for potted plants and some classic rattan creates a place you’ll love to linger.

Use Double Vision for Home Improvement

The key to choosing home improvement projects is to prioritize what will enhance the functionality and appeal of the house for both your own needs and those of future owners. You probably already have some great ideas about how you’d like to change your living space. To capitalize on future real estate return at the same time, look at things through the eyes of a prospective buyer. Either way, things are bound to improve.

Greg Nelson
Greg NelsonGreg Nelson is the owner of Nelson Construction & Renovations Inc. He is a Florida State Certified Building Contractor, creating artistry in all areas of design and construction projects. He is a musician, and artist. A husband and father, Greg appreciates all the wonderful elements of family life.

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