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Popular Ideas for Media Rooms

January 27, 2013

room additionsA home theater or media room is a great concept if you’re looking into the option of room additions for your home. Imagine a deluxe space where you can kick back with friends and family and go totally high-tech to boost the entertainment value. Think abundant, ultra-comfy built-in seating and soft cinema lighting.

When planning for your very own top-notch media room, here are just some of the features and amenities you’ll want to include to make it fit the bill:

  • Media Servers & Digital Video Recorders – For true multi-media versatility, don’t be limited to movies only. Incorporating a media server and tying in a powerful PC means access to personal photos and slideshows, home videos and even YouTube clips and games. With a digital video recorder (also known as TiVo or DVR), you can have your favorite TV shows on tap, as well.
  • High-tech Wiring – The latest high-tech gadgets require the correct and proper grade wiring.  Voice and data require a particular category, while video needs another. A professional electrician can expertly install exactly what is needed, and your construction and renovation specialist will make it all disappear. From sight, that is, cleverly installing messy looking wiring and cables in the wall and behind baseboards and molding.
  • Integrated Control System – Who needs an army of different battery-powered remotes to control various gadgets? There are actually systems available that integrate your media room controls into one touchpad.
  • Blackout Shades – If circumstances make it necessary to have room additions added to an area of your home that receives natural light, remember that for a truly successful theater-like viewing experience in keeping with the overall high-tech theme, the contractor completing your room additions can install retractable blackout shades that respond to the push of a button.
  • Super Sound & Soundproofing – No great media room is complete without surround sound! Sound sometimes gets overlooked by media room novices, but is definitely a huge contributor to the home theater experience. Properly soundproofed walls both contain the booming sound so you don’t disturb the rest of the house (or the neighbors) and improve the quality of the sound in the room itself.
  • Digital Projection & Pro Screen – Most high-tech media rooms will skip the TV in favor of a digital projector.  Pricier models will deliver a sharp theater-quality picture when matched with a good screen, but even less expensive units are certainly passable. If you really want to go high-tech, you need a genuine pro-consumer theater screen. There are many different screen materials to choose from these days, including ones that are better for brighter rooms, and others that are meant for that darkened movie theater experience.

Classic and Cozy are the Ticket for Media Room Additions

room additionsWhen considering successful room additions, the design aspect of a home theater may seem complicated, but really, the key is to make this space as comfortable as you can for your entertainment needs. Couches and armchairs are accommodating, but a couple of rows of extra wide and cushy movie theater seats will really ramp up the experience. Remote-controlled curtains to hide and reveal the screen add a touch of authenticity.

Basic Tips for a Great Media Room

A great media room combines three elements: technology, architecture and interior design.

No matter what design style and theme you and your room additions specialist decide on, don’t forget that the high-tech elements of your media room will require an adequate and realistic budget. Make sure to do your homework on that front beforehand.

In addition to comfort, simplicity is essential. Ultimately, the focus of any media room is the screen. Keep it that way, and avoid filling the space with too much clutter and unnecessary distraction. Stick with attractive basics and you can’t go wrong.

Room additions provide boundless opportunities on the home front. Bring Hollywood home with a state-of-the art media room.

Greg Nelson
Greg NelsonGreg Nelson is the owner of Nelson Construction & Renovations Inc. He is a Florida State Certified Building Contractor, creating artistry in all areas of design and construction projects. He is a musician, and artist. A husband and father, Greg appreciates all the wonderful elements of family life.

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