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luxury home additions ideasWe’ve got it so good here in Tampa. Perfect weather, beaches, the best food, great lifestyle for people of all ages.

We’re basically living in luxury.

So why not crank that up a bit with some luxury home additions and these ideas for your Tampa home? You – and your guests – deserve the best.

Guest House

When guests come visiting, they can stay with you while having a fully self-contained place of their own. Win-win! A guest house has so many uses – for visitors, for elderly relatives, an office, a pool house, read more…


venetian plaster kitchenVenetian plaster in the kitchen is elegant. It’s that simple.And it is an elegance that can match with any decor or era.

The Basics of Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster has been used since the mid-1500s. The plaster is applied to walls with a trowel, then burnished and sealed with a glaze.

This elegant and striking faux finish creates a three-dimensional look that brings to mind stonework, marble and rustic motifs. In a kitchen, it gives the room a softness and a glow.

Forget plain old paint, wallpaper or tiles. Add texture, dimension and read more…


Squeezer On Granitic CountertopToday’s kitchen is a home’s focal point. The modern style of kitchen has caught on for new homes and remodeled kitchens alike because of its aesthetic appeal, open space and improved functionality.

The range of kitchen countertops available has grown incredibly because of new stylings and read more…


Country kitchens have become a favorite with many homeowners. While they were traditionally designed for practicality over esthetics, these days you can enjoy both. That old style charm can integrate beautifully with the latest design trends in the modern home.

Country Kitchen

Let’s explore a few country kitchen designs and what they could do for your home.

Clear Cabinetry

19th century inspired apothecary cabinets with transparent panels can instantly read more…


Interior of commercial kitchen with open oven and cabinetsNamed after the long narrow historic ships, galley kitchens are becoming more popular in homes. This is especially true in smaller homes, like condos, where designers use galley kitchens to economize on space without compromising kitchen functionality.

There are some guidelines for effectively designing and appointing a galley kitchen. Here are a few of those guidelines with read more…


Male Contractor in Hard HatIn order to have successful home renovations, homeowners must choose contractors wisely. Inviting someone into your home requires trust. Asking someone to work on your home requires you to have comprehensive knowledge of the person and their staff.

To help you be happy with the outcome and achieve maximum return on investment, here are some things you need to know before hiring a home remodeling contractor.

Is The Company Licensed, Insured and Bonded?

To protect your liability when a company is working on your property, be sure it (and its entire team) is licensed, insured and bonded for their work. Leading contractors will have both read more…


There is much more to a bathroom remodel than just the price or replacing the tub and sink. Consider some bathroom remodeling ideas that could really spruce up this frequently used room and make it unique and comforting as well as functional.

shower room remodel tampa

Add Simple, Unique Touches to the Shower

  • Create some extra storage by having alcoves inserted into the shower wall between the studs. Even just little shallow ones will break up the lines of the shower walls and be great for holding soaps, shampoo bottles, even toys.
  • Two shower heads! Side by side, with separate controls. So handy for couples or for children.
  • Give the bathroom a lift and yourself a little light show by embedding strips of
    waterproof LEDs into the floor or the walls in front of the shower. read more…


Before and AfterIs your home’s exterior looking dull and dated? Does it need an upgrade so it looks fresher and more modern?

Creating an updated and more lasting appeal for the exterior of your Florida home involves considering elements of both style and function. There are many exterior options available on the home renovation marketplace, but expert advice and comprehensive research are required to select the right upgrade for your home. It needs a contemporary, fresh appeal while still working with your home’s design and ensuring the tough Florida weather stays out.

1. Fiber Cement Siding for Structural Value

An important consideration in Florida is protecting your home against the many storms we experience throughout the year. Consider siding options that combine quality aesthetics and robust structural performance. A leading option is fiber cement siding. It is tough, durable and read more…


IMG_8636Modern kitchens have entered a new age. Originally, it was all about open plan kitchens. Then islands and stainless steel became all the rage. Now people want a unique modern kitchen that is chic and all theirs.

Brass Fixtures and Fittings

Brass is back. While stainless steel is the metal most often associated with a modern kitchen, brass mixes well read more…


energy efficient home pinellas countyEnergy efficiency in the home just makes sense. It saves you money, it reduces consumption of resources, and it helps the natural environment.

Right across the Tampa Bay area, and especially in Pinellas County, energy efficient new homes are being built to reduce greenhouse emissions and to use land more efficiently.

Why Go Green?

It’s about personal stewardship for now and for the future. Building an energy efficient new home is one of the simplest ways a homeowner can reduce the harmful effects of wasting energy. One house at a time, consumers can make a big difference in lessening their carbon footprint. read more…


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