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Depositphotos_13626391_mThere is a lot of planning to do before having your new luxury home constructed. Follow the advice of a trusted contractor in this field and you can have the home of your dreams!

Popular Features of Luxury New Homes

Naturally, people have varied tastes about the luxury features they want in a new home. Here are some that remain ever popular.

  • Huge bay windows. Wide like a theater screen and also reaching from floor to ceiling, so you have panoramic views from just about every room.
  • Chef’s kitchen. Picture your gorgeous, high-end kitchen with solid wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, read more…


Remodeling tips

Looking to sell your house? The idea seems simple and it can be, but renovation tips can be exactly what you need when you get into the list of things to do. Stick to the prime goal… what you really want is the best price. Ideally, your home will sell above the list price. There is no question that a renovated house is more appealing to buyers. But is it necessary to redo the entire place? Start with the priorities so you can really renovate to sell. read more…


Depositphotos_5966966_sOwning a vacation condominium in the Tampa area means using it yourself sometimes and renting it out the rest of the year to other vacationers. It is vital to maintain the value of your investment and keep the income flowing in. So, follow the smartest remodeling tips to keep your condo attractive and also able to withstand the wear and tear of many vacationers. read more…


modern spacious white bathroom with dark wood floors

When you want to add value to your home, it’s because you will one day sell it. Therefore, you want it to sell for the best price you can get.

We all spend a significant portion of our lives in our bathrooms, and for some it may be the only alone time we get in the day. Making the bathroom(s) look and feel clean, modern and luxurious doesn’t mean you have to break the bank but it can have a great positive impact on would be buyers. read more…


When rain falls in Tampa, it may cool us off from the heat, but storm season also packs a big punch. The sheer volume of water that falls in a short time is known to cause plenty of damage.

Is your home up to the task for the rainy season? You know the downpours are coming, and that they pound everything relentlessly, so it pays to check your home regularly and remodel where necessary to be sure you’ll stay protected from expensive problems.

Tropical Beach Before The Storm. read more…


Commercial remodelingRenting out a commercial space is a big job that requires continuous attention to detail. One way of avoiding problems with the premises, and thus with tenants, is to remodel at regular intervals using a trusted company.

Whether it be an office or a store or a warehouse, every space needs regular maintenance and remodeling to keep it attractive and desirable, as well as functional.

The Importance of Upgrading Your Rental Premises read more…


outdoor renovation tampaHere in Tampa, we can enjoy the outdoors all year round without freezing in winter like the folks up north. As a result, we need our homes and our yards to have features that are built to survive frequent use and to withstand Florida’s tropical weather, while also looking awesome. When you need outdoor renovations for your home, there are some great ideas that incorporate all these factors.

Outdoor Renovations Start with the House

Walls, windows and doors need to keep out the sudden tropical downpours that can lash your home. While upgrading your outer walls to handle hurricane-strength weather, think about adding a textured surface with a fresh new color. Your home will appear like new and will have an added barrier.

New reinforced windows and shutters will help keep the weather out and the cool air in. Different window designs and frames can really freshen up a home, and shutters with strong hinges can protect with a stylish, old fashioned flair.

Have a professional regularly  check the seals and drainage around your home. Violent weather and large volumes of water can overwhelm them or wear them out quickly. If that happens, you have a much bigger job ahead. read more…


When the summer heat gets into your home, it can make you feel like you’re a melting, sticky puddle and can overload the air conditioner until your energy bill goes through the stratosphere. But a little remodeling can make an enormous difference to your comfort and your bills.

 Simple Remodeling for the Exterior Walls 

Florida home exterior walls

Some of the daytime warmth stored in your home’s exterior walls will eventually make its way inside, even through the best insulation. Heat stored in the walls will really make its presence felt after sundown and keep the day’s warmth in when things outside are cooling off.

But you don’t have to redesign or replace entire walls to reduce the amount of heat getting inside. For any area that is often baked in sunlight, consider either painting it a more heat reflective color or add exterior blinds, shades and sails to keep the sun off. read more…


Many professionals spend a great deal of time in the office. It stands to reason then that they should be comfortable and productive in it.

If Google – one of the world’s most successful companies – can turn stairs into slides, what’s stopping you from being creative with your office?
You may not have Google’s budget but you can find plenty of inspiration and office renovation ideas that are attainable and achievable.

Open Up the Office

Some of the best office areas have one noticeable thing in common: openness. Some might debate whether to go with a cubicle setting or change to an open plan where employees have an expansive view of the entire floor. But opening it up can make everyone feel part of the same team.

featured work lobby

In addition, you could remove not just cubicles but walls to make a feature out of ceiling and roof support. Interesting designs of beams and support structures overhead, combined with new lighting fixtures, can make the space feel airy and inviting. Opening up an office can energize the room and the people in it. It also

makes the area much more versatile so you could change the furniture layout regularly to relieve monotony. read more…


When choosing a new countertop for your kitchen, weigh up the pros and cons of concrete. This type of countertop is very popular today, mainly because it’s customizable, stylish, strong and durable.Every product on the market has pros and cons, so let’s look closer.

Nelson Concrete Countertops

A Concrete Countertop Can Be Stylish

Maybe the biggest negative idea people might have when they first think about a concrete countertop for their kitchen is that it would be gray and ugly. But it can look unique and amazing. Color options are almost unlimited. Staining techniques can convince people you have a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind piece of granite or marble in your kitchen. You can either match your existing motifs, furniture or appliances, or else create a standout feature.

Aside from the color, concrete countertops can also be given all kinds of shapes and textures. You could have one shaped like anything: a guitar, a boat, a sail, you name it. Or your concrete countertop could be embedded with tiles, stones or shells. It could even be a mosaic depicting a scene or image.

Concrete can also be less costly than marble or granite.

The Concrete Countertop Can Be Everything in One

There’s no need to buy a sink with drainboard. In fact, there’s no need for separate counter pieces to be cut and joined, either. A concrete countertop can include everything in one seamless piece. Therefore you won’t have to apply plumber’s putty or silicone around the sink. A backsplash may be able to be incorporated into the unit, also.

For other areas of the kitchen, concrete can be your all-purpose surface for everything from food preparation to party presentation to general workspace.

Kitchen-Concrete-CountertopsConcrete is Tough and Can Be Environmentally Friendly

Concrete can take the punishment of time and use better than other materials. It weathers and wears over time without major deterioration. A good company that makes concrete countertops will use only non-toxic materials sourced ethically and with minimal environmental impact.

The Cons of Concrete Countertops: Weight and Maintenance 

Like we said, all products have cons as well as pros. The most practical thing to consider with a concrete countertop is how heavy it is. While weight can provide stability and strength, your home and your kitchen must be able to support it. An experienced contractor will know how to check if your home is up to the task.

A concrete countertop also requires consistent maintenance. First, it needs a good sealant to protect it from stains. Then it needs resealing every couple of years. If this is not taken care of, any stain can become permanent. Most sealants can handle hot things being placed on them, but it’s best to play it safe and use pads and boards for hot plates and pots.

Look around at what is happening with concrete countertops today and the options open to you. Concrete may surprise you and could be an option that is very different than what you first thought.

Greg NelsonGreg Nelson is the owner of Nelson Construction & Renovations Inc. He is a Florida State Certified Building Contractor, creating artistry in all areas of design and construction projects. He is a musician, and artist. A husband and father, Greg appreciates all the wonderful elements of family life.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Nelson Construction and a clickable link back to this page.


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