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functional office spaceWork environment has a major effect on an employee’s performance. It follows that creating a functional office space is a powerful way to ensure workers do their best and are motivated.

When you have a functional office space, you can expect increased productivity. If you’re thinking of remodeling your work space anytime soon, here are the reasons why you need to aim for functionality.

Reduce sick leave

Keeping the office space at a comfortable temperature can help promote productivity and decrease sick leave.

Installing under-the-floor air may allow for better airflow and less stuffiness in the workplace. If it’s possible in your workplace, individual operable windows can give workers the freedom to adjust the amount of sunlight and air that gets into their personal space.

Boost enthusiasm and work accuracy

Colors play a big role in an office space. Since they can directly affect a person’s mood, it pays to know exactly which colors promote a read more…


concrete countertopsWhen doing kitchen renovations, there are a number of ways to give your kitchen a makeover without having to do very big renovations.

For instance, remodeling with concrete countertops can easily give a facelift that may also bring  space-saving benefits.

Going for the concrete look

Some people opt to remodel their countertops by changing the material that has been used. This is a good approach not only when you are looking to change the look of your countertop, it can also lengthen the countertop’s lifespan.

This is why concrete countertops are a good choice. Apart from the elegant finish they bring to your kitchen, concrete countertops are very durable and can weather any blows, spills or messes coming from kitchen projects and preparations.

The all-in-one concrete countertops

Aside from choosing a different look with your countertops, another option when remodeling your kitchen is the all-in-one read more…


home renovationsOne of the best things about owning a home is, of course, having your very own space and being able to set it up just the way you like. But when you have plenty of stuff and no practical place to put it, that freedom becomes a double-edged sword.

No matter how much space you think you’ll be able to take advantage of when you first move into a home, the classic outcome is: there’s never enough storage. The solution? Some simple and well-planned home renovations will help you put into practice the word that’s on so many lips these days: declutter.

Storage Solutions: One Step at a Time

First of all, be selective. Even before embarking on any home renovations to ramp up the storage, go through your belongings and cull what you really don’t want or need to keep around. The key is to remind yourself that you’re finding a place for everything that matters; jettison the rest (it’s liberating!).

Then take a good hard look at what you have and make some overall categories, such as sports equipment, kids toys, arts and read more…


home improvementGenerally defined as a small bathroom (4 by 5 feet on average) with a sink and a toilet, a powder room is sometimes called a guest bathroom or half bath. Having one on the main floor makes sense for your guests’ convenient, and allows them to use the facilities without having access to the homeowner’s private living space. And let’s face it: when you’re busy in the kitchen and nature calls, do you really want to have to run up a flight of stairs?


What’s Home Improvement Got to Do with Powder?

The term “powder room” has been around since the early 18th century, when it actually referred to a very small room where people went to have their wigs repowdered. It was still used in Victorian times, when referring to personal bodily functions was considered indelicate, especially among read more…


home renovationThere’s something especially rewarding about a home renovation of any kind, even if it’s just to incorporate a couple of custom finishes that add a fresh and unique appearance. For instance, a seemingly subtle element that can actually make a bold statement in any room or create the perfect touch for your home’s exterior is the right shutter style for your windows.

Whether practical or purely for show, carefully crafted shutters are functional window coverings or decorative accents composed of a frame mounted with panels or louvers.

There are several types of window shutters available, depending on your personal taste.

Here are three of the basic ones you might choose from to enhance your next home renovation:

  1. Louver shutters. Easily the most popular type of window shutters among home improvement experts, louver shutters are also known as read more…


remodeling contractorsRestroom or bathroom renovations are often neglected by business owners, maybe because they think that’s not the “major attraction” of their store, office, or restaurant. If you are running a hotel, motel and B&B, however, snazzy new bathroom facilities make a world of difference.

In any commercial setting, clean, modern conveniences with up-to-date amenities say a great deal about how you view and value your customers and, most importantly, reflect your overall attitude in how your business is run and maintained. Cramped, ill-lit spaces that are in disrepair and look totally behind the times are a turn-off.

Hire Experienced Commercial Remodeling Contractors

Finding the right remodeling contractors to work on bathrooms is essential if you want the project to come out right. How much space is needed per bathroom stall? How many toilets, sinks and urinals are required for a 60-seat restaurant? Are there fixture that will help to regulate and save on wasteful water consumption? Do your contractors have sufficient design savvy design and can read more…


There are so many home designs out there, both traditional and contemporary, it can be overwhelming to choose exactly what style you’d like your building contractor to create for you. Fortunately, what you have on your side is the freedom to choose from any number of classics.

Go West: Three of the Most Popular Home Designs

building contractorChoosing from among some of the most popular and practical home styles for warm weather locales can be as easy as…1, 2, 3!

  1. Mission Style (or Spanish Mission) – These homes feature stucco walls, exposed rafters, and rounded tile, gabled roofs with parapets. Look for the use of round arched doors, windows and porches, and heavy squared piers with slanted sides. (Square or rectangular masonry or wood piers support a building, carrying the weight of it down to the ground). Square towers and a full-width one-story porch are read more…


home designAnyone who’s made the mistake of winging it with respect to the design part of their home renovations probably won’t go that route again, or recommend it to anyone else. Sure, the quality of the actual construction is extremely important, as is the choice of good quality materials, but don’t forget that what will make or break the success of how all of that gets put together is paramount.

Make sure you hire a reliable builder who has a team with the creativity and ability to bring you professional home design services as part of what they offer.

Designer and Decorator: Which is Which?

A surprising number of people think that these two roles are pretty much the same or even identical, but that’s simply not the case. Though you’ll sometimes hear the terms “interior design” and “interior decorating” used interchangeably, they are in fact not the same profession. The fundamental differences are worth getting a handle on, especially if you’re in the market to use the skills of one or the other in the near future. Let’s compare the read more…


concrete countertopThe laundry room is almost always one of those make-do with what’s there, afterthought areas in the house that doesn’t really get thought about in terms of fantastic form and function. But think of how much time you spend in there, week in and week out, load after load…

If your laundry room is cluttered, with inadequate storage and a frustrating and inefficient layout, why not pull in some experts who can make it right? Imagine sleek custom cabinets and shelving for your storage needs and concrete countertops to cap it all off.

Consider Built-In Cabinets and Concrete Countertops

Having a clear idea ahead of time of just what you want for your laundry room will go a long way. You’re likely busy researching what kind of brand new, energy-efficient washer and dryer you’d like, but thinking beyond the appliances to the room as a whole will work best in the long run.

While you’re at it, never underestimate the benefits of excellently placed and well-designed task lighting in each part of your laundry room. Have some fun choosing read more…


home improvementA fireplace can raise your home’s cozy quotient just about anywhere, indoors or out, magically transforming the ambiance of an entire space. No matter how well maintained, wood-burning fireplaces can still emit smoky odors along with soot and ashes.

Sure, gas fireplaces have solved a lot of these problems overall, especially in terms convenience and eliminating mess. But if you’re planning for a home improvement project that involves either the replacement or installation of one or more fireplaces, why not bump things up a notch and “burn” glass rocks?

Let’s face it: ceramic fireplace “logs” have become pretty run-of-the-mill. The gorgeous glass rocks intended for fireplace use are easy to use, clean, and of course, don’t emit smoke or residue. Reflective fire glass also makes the flames look more intriguing and dramatic. Fire glass heats up easily, so you don’t have to wait long if you do need to warm things up, especially when you and your guests are enjoying some wine on the patio long after sunset. The glow of glass rocks really adds some panache to the atmosphere.

Home Improvement and Fireplaces: Let Experts Take Charge

If you already have a gas fireplace and are considering putting in conventional glass bricks or stones from a craft store, for example, here’s the best advice: don’t read more…


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